Teaching with Pop Culture Symposium

Comics Education Outreach, a part of Pop Culture Classroom, will facilitate panel discussions and workshops on integrating comics, games, films and other pop culture into 6-12 curriculum this Saturday, September 30th. CPDUs and networking opportunities will be available. Sponsored by OLPL, District 218, Alternate Reality & Pop Culture Classroom.

Register for individual sessions with the links below:

9am: Why Pop Culture?

Our group of panelists will give a brief introduction to the day of programming as well as discuss the use of pop culture in all disciplines and its importance.

10am: Comics 101

Comic books and graphic novels are becoming widely accepted as texts to be used in the modern classroom. Educators from various disciplines and levels will discuss the applications of these texts and share lesson plans that utilize comics and graphic novels.

11am: Film as Text - Moving Past Adaptations

As modern ideas of what a “text” is have changed, teachers can now utilize films as effective educational tools. This panel will discuss how to move the use of film in the classroom past adaptations and sick days.

12pm: Track Analysis - How to

Close reading should not be limited to works of classical literature and high level non-fiction articles. In this hands-on workshop, panelists will discuss “track analysis” and the use of modern songs/music in the classroom.

1pm: Art for the Non-Artist

Want to get better at drawing? Want to make your simple classroom board drawings that much better?  Or do you just like art and want to hear about the craft? This unique panel, lead by teachers and art professionals will help you in your quest to becoming a classroom Picasso!  Warning: you will not become Picasso in this one session, but it should be a blast…

2pm: Ready, Set, Go! The Gamification of Your Classroom

If you have ever wanted to discover ways to increase engagement in your classroom, gaming creates amazing opportunities. This experienced panel of educators will take you though a multitude of ways in which gaming can be used to increase student motivation and engagement.

3pm: Teaching with Tech: Apps and Social Media Tips and Tricks to Engage Students

With many schools going one-to-one with student technology, it becomes increasingly more important for teachers to keep up with tech trends.  This panel of educators and professionals will offer up ideas and examples for all levels of tech-teacher to bring back and incorporate in the classroom.

4pm: Trivia Contest

We will be closing out our day with a cool pop culture trivia contest.  Please stick around for cool prizes and giveaways!

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