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Living through COVID-19

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One of Local History’s most important responsibilities is preserving the experiences, whether ordinary or extraordinary, of Oak Lawn residents. This past year has proven to be a time of immense challenge and change, but also one of resiliency and adaptation. Years from now, future residents will learn about life during the pandemic by studying the enumerable stories that came from this period. Whether through social media, journaling, oral history, video, photography or other means, please take a moment to record your thoughts and capture how COVID-19 has impacted Oak Lawn, so future generations can discover and benefit from the experiences of today. If you would like to share any of this content with Local History, you can find us on Facebook or contact Local History Manager Kevin Korst at 708-422-4990 ext. 530 or Thank you for your continued support of the Local History program.

Created by Kevin Korst on Apr 13th, 2020 @ 2:49 AM.
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