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Your Step by Step guide to Downloading OverDrive

Instructions for Downloading Libby (Media on Demand) App Version
Make sure you have your Oak Lawn Public Library Card and your pin number and you are ready to
1. Go to or download the mobile version of Media on Demand
named Libby in the app store. (If you have a Kindle Fire you can use the Kindle app or read in
the browser.)
2. Click on sign-in.
3. Select Oak Lawn Library from the drop down list
4. Enter in your library card number (no spaces)
5. Enter your PIN (your PIN is the password you use to place holds, if you aren’t sure, try the last
four digits of your phone number associated with your account). If that doesn’t work, Call Us,
6. Click on Sign-in. (You will only have to do this once if you are on your device).
7. Start browsing for books or search for a specific book.
8. Once you find what you want, click on Borrow. If there is a book you want that isn’t available for
check out, click Place a hold. You will be notified when the book is available via e-mail. You can
place up to ten holds at once.
9. Once you borrow the book, click on your book shelf and see what is on loan.
10. You are ready to begin reading!
11. You can change your settings to change your lending periods, you can also create Wish Lists, see
what you have on Hold, and what you have loaned out. Next time you are looking for a book you
should not need to sign-in again.

Instructions for eReader Version
Go to and complete steps 2-9 using your laptop or desktop
from above.
10. You can now decide which device you want to read this on, if you are a Kindle eReader user, you
will have the option to select Kindle and deliver. will open up in a separate window
at this point and you can decide which Kindle device to send it to. If you have another eReader
you will transfer the item via Adobe Digital Editions.
11. Some devices have specific instructions, please refer to for more

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